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After almost a year of no posts (and no contact with my advisor), it’s time my blog catches up with my new post-academic life. So I’m embarking on a new blogging adventure. I’m diving into a variety of things like Maker culture, design, coding, gardening, home improvement, reading! We’ll see where it goes… Me leaving academia via GIPHY

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I’m currently working on not failing my comprehensive exams. Be back in February 2013. Hopefully….

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Teaching tips

I’ve been tweaking my blog a bit, posting some papers and picking out some of my favorite blog posts. I also recently decided to create and post some teaching handouts. I have yet to teach my own class and there isn’t one in the near future (need to complete comps first) but if I wait to think about teaching until I’m in front of a bunch of students I’m in trouble. Research and writing may have been the reason I entered graduate school, but teaching is why I stayed. I enjoy research projects, but I also find teaching to be…


Succombing to the Semester

I had noble goals of blogging every week, but it appears my schedule has not been very conducive to weekly writing. However, I am a firm believer of deadlines, even imaginary ones like those I make for my blogging, so I will still strive for a blog post every two weeks. I’ll shoot for Fridays, but realistically the postings will just be sometime over the weekend–meaning the next blog post will be this upcoming weekend with another the first weekend of March. In the mean time check out Brian’s Best (some of my favorite blog posts)

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New Year, Mostly Same Blog

I had grand plans of overhauling my blog during this winter break, but I settled for tweaks instead, with the main changes in the About Me section, the simplified Research section (formerly My Work), and the new About My Blog section,which I hope gives a quick insight into the purpose of my blogging. This semester I will continue weekly blog posts in the same vein as last semester (one week Ramblings and Rants, one week #FF, one week Research, and one week Review). These will again be posted every Friday. I also enjoyed blogging my UNL Digital Humanities Seminar (#UNL_DHS)…

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Return of the Blog

After nearly two blog post-less months, I have finally gotten my act together. The MA graduation celebration is finally ending and it’s a return to the normal rhythm of the semester. This semester, that rhythm includes blog posts on Friday (and Thursday, but more on that further down). To keep the blog fresh, I have decided to alter the way I write my weekly posts. Instead of writing simply what I feel like every week (though I certainly reserve the right to ramble), I have chosen to have four different types of full length blog posts each month. The first…

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Why I decided to try blogging

After #sarnackigate (and helped by a busy week) I thought I would take this week to do something that I’ve been meaning to do: bring my first blog post over from the initial home of my blog to its new home. Why I decided to try blogging I have been thinking about starting a blog for a little while now. I registered a WordPress account to use on the WHA’s Digital Frontiers blog for the WHA’s 2010 meeting, which gave my abstract thoughts some concrete possibilities. Although since it is now 2011, I clearly dragged my feet, (mostly fearing I…

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I do enjoy getting comments, but not the massive amounts of spam that I seem to have been collecting. I have a spam filter that does pretty well, but if you ever see a comment that was not published it was likely caught as spam. Try again or feel free to contact me.

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Encouraging Feedback

I have managed to maintain my excitement about blogging into February and I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers. I have enjoyed reading the thoughtful and intelligent comments that I have received so far and hope that my writing continues to entertain some readers. I also am happy to report that my post Build It and They Will Come made the History Roll for February. The History Roll is a blog that publishes good historical writing and reviews and compiles a list (the Roll) of five good blog posts on historical topics each month. I’m sure…

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