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Grad School & Zombies


4. Stay Together: When the world is reduced to a zombie wasteland, groups always survive better than lone individuals. Same rule goes for graduate school. You need to find people who will support you and keep you on the right path.
5. Avoid the Infected people: A corollary to number 4, you need to watch out for individuals who are infected or emotional black holes. These are the people who bring you down, are unsupportive, or focus only on the drama. It might be a little cut-throat, but if someone is infected by negativity, it is better to leave them to their fate and remain with the living.
6. A Bar is a Good Sanctuary: As Shaun of the Dead said, “We’re going to the Winchester.” I’m not condoning alcohol as a requirement for graduate school, but it is important to get out. Happy hours and dinners at the local pub can be a great way to unwind and meet with other grad students. Most university towns will have a restaurant or bar where the grad students go. Find that place and invite your cohort to meet there, this is a great way to work on #4.

8. Nerds survive: When the dead come back to stalk the living, it is the nerds that finally have their day of glory. New graduate students need to embrace technology and take control of their online identities. If you don’t define yourself online, someone else will.

9. Enjoy the Little Things: Grad school is an extremely rewarding opportunity, but you need to make sure you take time for yourself and relish those moments. Whether this means taking Sunday mornings off to go out to breakfast and shop at a local farmer’s market, or taking weekend trips to new cities with your friends. You need to enjoy the little things when entering the graduate school apocalypse.

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