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A Change of Scenery

First, I need to thank my brother Devin and my Dad for helping me acquire and get set up at this address (

You will have to go back to my original wordpress blog for my initial attempts at blogging, but all my future posts will be here. As for my blogging, I think I have settled on how I will proceed, at least initially. I still plan on posting longer pieces under the category “Full Posts” once a week (Mondays are my target date for publishing during this semester). During the rest of the week, I will publish really short posts, usually either questions I have been thinking about or a link to an interesting article, which can be found under the “Scribbles” category (I got the name from thinking of my blog as a “Digital Notepad” in which I can both write longer reflective pieces and short thought-provoking statements). Other general administrative things, like this, will be under the “Housekeeping” category. More information about me can be found in the “About Me”  section and information about my research can be found in the “My Work” section.

Thanks as always for reading!

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  1. daddy dave

    I think I will like the Scribbles better than the Full Posts. Scribbles sounds like a place with a good happy hour, free fried shrimp and a friendly crowd. Full Posts sounds like a late 19th century American saloon with racoon stew and Rooster Cogburn wannabees. Also, for us smaller brained mammals, history always seems more palatable on small plates, tapas-style.

    In any event, I trust you’ll take inspiration in all your writings from Oscar Wilde who said: “Anybody can make history; only a great man can write it.”

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