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Academic Blogging

Dan Cohen on blogging being a dirty word for one academic who writes on a blog: There is no reason a blog has to be quickly or poorly written; also a must read is Rob Nelson’s Comment on the post: you appear to be time traveling back to confront the Dan Cohen of 2005 who wrote the first entry on this blog ( … I agree with you that Nunokawa’s comment is too dismissive in that it contributes to a bias against the medium. At the same time, if he wants to characterize his online writing as essays or you… Read Academic Blogging

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I do enjoy getting comments, but not the massive amounts of spam that I seem to have been collecting. I have a spam filter that does pretty well, but if you ever see a comment that was not published it was likely caught as spam. Try again or feel free to contact me.

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Humanities Blogs

Interesting list of the “50 Best” humanities blogs.  The list includes many good non-academic blogs (from NPR, New York Times, The New Yorker, etc.), but does not recognize many historical blogs (though there are plenty of good ones).

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Encouraging Feedback

I have managed to maintain my excitement about blogging into February and I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers. I have enjoyed reading the thoughtful and intelligent comments that I have received so far and hope that my writing continues to entertain some readers. I also am happy to report that my post Build It and They Will Come made the History Roll for February. The History Roll is a blog that publishes good historical writing and reviews and compiles a list (the Roll) of five good blog posts on historical topics each month. I’m sure… Read Encouraging Feedback

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A Change of Scenery

First, I need to thank my brother Devin and my Dad for helping me acquire and get set up at this address ( You will have to go back to my original wordpress blog for my initial attempts at blogging, but all my future posts will be here. As for my blogging, I think I have settled on how I will proceed, at least initially. I still plan on posting longer pieces under the category “Full Posts” once a week (Mondays are my target date for publishing during this semester). During the rest of the week, I will publish really… Read A Change of Scenery

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