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Respect in the digital age

“I think it demonstrates a real lack of respect for students…How can students trust that someone is going to have their best interests in mind and be trying to help them in that course if they are making fun of them behind their back?” — Hans Rollman, graduate student at York University While perhaps not wildly popular in a mainstream sense, I have been coming across an alarming number of online resources in which professors and graduate students openly (and anonymously) mock students. In what I can only describe as immature and petty, these sites denigrate poorly written sentences, typos,… Read Respect in the digital age


The Branded Professor As a relatively new tenure-track professor in journalism and media, I teach students skills and critical thinking for a profession that is in a state of redefinition. One of the ways journalism educators are trying to increase their students’ job opportunities is by encouraging them to develop a “personal brand,” through which they establish themselves as a rising professional with a unique voice and style. They then publicize that personal brand through multimedia blogging and social media, in hopes of impressing prospective employers with their initiative and distinctive qualities. I think that this kind of engagement, through social media… Read The Branded Professor

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Grad Tips

The Chronicle: Practical Tips for Surviving Academic Life (Part One: The Early Years) 1. Bring re-sealable plastic bags to any occasion where you suspect food will be served. Wait until the rest of the flock has circled at least three times before calmly and systematically filling the bags with not-too-perishable or shmooshy treats. Cookies are good; shrimp get old fast; pudding is never a good idea. 9. It will serve you well to distinguish between your rivals and your enemies. These are two different sets of individuals. Your rival might not be your enemy, and many of your enemies are… Read Grad Tips

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DH and the (Social) Sciences

The topic of poster sessions came up a short time ago among some other history graduate students and I was surprised at the responses. While not outright hostile, I got the sense (perhaps incorrectly to be fair) that few were open to the idea of creating a poster themselves. This response was surprising to me because I had just come across the AHA’s poster session list for its 2011 conference (which was not its first venture into poster sessions) as well as the fact that in many other disciplines posters are a widely used medium for research. Perhaps it was… Read DH and the (Social) Sciences

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March Madness

The Men’s NCAA basketball tournament, better known as March Madness, is about to begin. I thought about writing a thoughtful piece on sports and the university, but, perhaps due to lack of sleep or being on a research trip and working all day (yes I’m trying to rationalize a short post this week), I decided against it (maybe I’ll get my act together for the start of football season). Millions of Americans fill out brackets and enter office/family/friend pools. Personally, I will going to spend probably an hour making picks for several different entries later tonight. Now when you have… Read March Madness

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Grad School & Zombies

ProfHacker: 4. Stay Together: When the world is reduced to a zombie wasteland, groups always survive better than lone individuals. Same rule goes for graduate school. You need to find people who will support you and keep you on the right path. 5. Avoid the Infected people: A corollary to number 4, you need to watch out for individuals who are infected or emotional black holes. These are the people who bring you down, are unsupportive, or focus only on the drama. It might be a little cut-throat, but if someone is infected by negativity, it is better to leave… Read Grad School & Zombies

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Yale Inc.

Through a friend from undergrad I learned people at Yale are working on organizing and getting recognized a graduate student union. First, I think this is great and wish them luck. Second, on a more broad point, I do not think the corporatization of the university is a good trend. Even though there is a dearth of literature about the crisis in humanities (and the increasing amount of unstable adjunct positions, the disappearance of tenure track positions, the death of the scholarly press, etc.), which can wear down even the most enthusiastic optimist among us, I may need to organize… Read Yale Inc.

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What Grad Students Need

I applied to continue onto the Ph.D. program at UNL this semester and it got me thinking about what I would have know about grad school before beginning. I had lots of good advice, but most of it was from personal conversations. All that I could find online was either non-department specific or not that great, so I have created a list of what I would recommend all graduate students in history (most of it applicable to other humanities disciplines though). My list includes a good number of items, so I borrowed Cold Stone Creamery’s sizes to organize the things… Read What Grad Students Need