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Gates Friend of Some of the Humanities?

The Chronicle: That meeting led Mr. Gates, founder of Microsoft, to support a free online syllabus of Mr. Christian’s unusual course, called “Big History,” that gives a sweeping multidisciplinary overview of world history from the Big Bang to the Industrial Revolution. Another educator chosen by Mr. Gates to speak at TED was Salman Khan, a financial-industry worker who started an online university from the closet of his bedroom, where he has produced more than 2,000 short educational videos. Mr. Khan described his vision of education in which professors assign lecture videos as homework, freeing up class time for more personal… Read Gates Friend of Some of the Humanities?

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Flash Seminars

Washington Post: [Laura] Nelson and her friends would seek out their favorite professors. Faculty would choose topics, assign any readings and set enrollment limits. Students would find teaching space. She thought about approaching university leaders for approval, but she couldn’t think of anything in her plan that required approval. “It’s so simple, and I think that’s what caught people off guard at first,” she said.

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