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Cathy Davis: The point is that, when we worry about what attentional capacities we lose with new media, we often compare those capacities to some fantasy of undivided attention at its best: typically, the alternative paradigm is the solitary, uninterrupted book reader. Really? I remember as a child hearing that the average American read only one book a year. I’m not sure that figure has budged much in either direction. So what we are really saying is that we’re worried that some aspects of the culture our children have inherited may not benefit them as some aspects of the culture…

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Classic Literature and Video Games

The Atlantic: Last year, I talked to Dante’s Inferno producer Jonathan Knight about what drew them to the Divine Comedy to adapt into a game. He said that a film adaptation wants simple narratives, but games thrive on complexity. Dante didn’t just tell a story—he built a world to explore. And as luck would have it, it was full of giant monsters. Are video games the next step in using the digital medium for scholarship? It’s worth thinking about.

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