Grand Rapids Herald

January 19, 1901

Page Three

Nominations Made

Board of Trade Officers to Be Voted For This Year.

The board of trade nominating committee has announced the following list of officers and directors to be voted upon at the annual meeting in February:

Officers for one year:

President, Gaius W. Perkins

First vice president, Fred C. Miller.

Second vice president, Charles B. Judd

Directors, two years:

A. S. Musselman, H. P. Belknap, E. G. Studley, D. W. Tower, A. Baxter, S. F. Stevens, W. E. Cox, L. H. Withey, L. C. Stow, Dr. M. C. Sinclair, J. D. M. Shirts, L. T. Willmarth, Fred Macey, R. D. Graham, W. Alden Smith, S. A. Morman, R. E. Shanahan, G. A. Krause, C. L. Harvey, W. C. Hopson, P. P. Steketee, W. C. Winchester, W. H. Gilbert, A. May, T. F. Carroll, Geo. H. Davidson, B. J. Reynolds, L. E. Knappen, Van A. Wallin, Geo. F. W. Reid, W. R. Shelby, Paul Doty, C. R. Sligh, E. A. Stowe, W. Logie, L. J. Rindge, W. J. Stuart, J. A. Covode, Sherwood Hall.