Grand Rapids Herald

June 18, 1901

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Salsbury's Supporters Show Their Hands.
Were Forced By Resolution
Request For Resignation of City Attorney Laid on Tbale By Vote of 12 to 11�Two of the Republicans Vote to Sustain Him

Alderman Renihan of the Nineth ward presented the following resolution at the council meeting last night and moved its adoption:

Whereas, Mr. Lant K. Salsbury, at the first meeting of this common council on May 6th 1901, stated that his resignation as city attorney is in our hands; and

Whereas, if there is to be a change in said office of city attorney it seems most advisable to make it now; therefore be it

Resolved, That the resignation of Mr. Lant K. Salsbury as city attorney be and the same is hereby accepted to take immediate effect.

Alderman Slocum moved to lay the resolution on the table, and it was carried by the following vote:

For Salsbury, Damskey, D., Donovan, D., Doran, D., Ghyslels, R., Hodges, D., Johnson,, D., Lozier, D., McCool, D., McLachlin, D., Mol, R., Phillips, D., Slocum, D. - 12

Against Salsbury, Beck, R., DePagter, R., Ellen, R. Gallmeyer, R., Goodman, R. Hilton, R. Hosken, R., Renihan, R., Schriver, R., Shinkman, D., Stonehouse, R. - 11.

The presentation of the above resolution and the vote on the motion to lay on the table was the sensational feature of the common council last night, but there was no discussion for or against it.

It was presented near the close of the session when the aldermen were tired out, yet there was a tense interest as the roll call proceeded. Alderman Ghysels of the Sixth ward was the first republican to vote to lay the resolution on the table. He was quickly followed by Alderman Mol of the same ward, and it became evident that the fate of the resolution was sealed. Alderman Shinkman of the Ninth ward was the only democrat to vote against the motion to lay on the table.

. . . . .