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Below is a visualization that illustrates the water scandal's main bribery scheme, as confessed to by Grand Rapids city attorney Lant K. Salsbury in November of 1903. While Salsbury also claimed to have been involved in schemes involving men from other cities, the legal punishments of the water scandal were connected to this plot.

The scheme began with the man bankrolling the operation, New York capitalist Henry Taylor. However, Frederick Garman was the man driving the scheme. Garman and his partner Robert Cameron arranged the bribery scheme through Thomas McGarry, a prominent attorney and Democrat, who set them up with Lant Salsbury. In most cases, Salsbury arranged the details of the bribes personally, only occasionally using another middleman.

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Because the story of the several bribery schemes shifted and occasionally contradicted themselves, I chose Salsbury's first confession in 1903, which became the foundation for the large scale prosecution of the men involved in the bribery scheme.

I used tools designed by JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit to create this visualization.

I used tools designed by JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit to create this visualization.

To learn more about the visualization and its sources, visit the Overview of the visuzliations.

I have also created a database of where these men are featured in this project.

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