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I have utilized many diverse sources in my research, but I have decided to only include sources directly used in this project in the archive. For example, though my broader research on this topic utilizes newspaper articles ranging from 1898 to 1906 in the Grand Rapids Democrat, Grand Rapids Press and the Grand Rapids Herald, I only include the articles explicitly used to build visualizations or quoted in my analysis in order to provide a flavor of the larger corpus of newspaper articles that have gone into my broader research.

The Historiography

In this short essay, I give some background of the scholarship in my field and how my topic relates to that scholarship.

I list many works and authors who have informed my view of the scholarship, but I also relied on other historiographic essays by historians including, William G. Anderson, “Progressivism: An Historiographical Essay,” found in The History Teacher, Daniel T. Rodgers, “In Search of Progressivism,” in Reviews in American History, Robert D. Johnston, “Re-Democratizing the Progressive Era: The Politics of Progressive Era Political Historiography,” in The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, David P. Thelen, “Review: Urban Politics: Beyond Bosses and Reformers,” in Reviews in American History David R. Colburn and George E. Pozzetta, “Bosses and Machines: Changing Interpretations in American History,” in The History Teacher, Mark H. Rose, “Machine Politics: The Historiography of Technology and Public Policy,” in The Public Historian, and Michael Frisch, “American Urban History as an Example of Recent Historiography,” in History and Theory.